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IV Chinese Festival of Acrobatic Art

On September 18, 2019, the IV Chinese Festival of Acrobatic Art took place in Puyang. The festival was organized by the Culture Federation of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Acrobat Association, the Chinese Acrobat Association of Henan Province, the Henan Province Culture and Tourism Department and Puyang City Council.

The festival was attended by artists such as Tai Ning, Chairman of the Chinese Literature Federation, Bian Fajem, Chairman of the Chinese Acrobat Association, Peng Liu, Chairman of the Board of the Center for Culture and Arts of China, Yuri Stulov, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Ukrainian Circus Festival “Golden Chestnut” and head of the information and communication management department of the National Circus of Ukraine.

The event was attended by Chinese and foreign guests, including the chairman of the International Art Festival of the Lithuanian group “Circus Light” Rimondi Denisevičs and the vice-chairman of the Mongolian Circus Association Katambata Kurensende.

The festival was aimed at identifying and developing young talented children, increasing professional achievements, motivation and establishing creative connections and new acquaintances.